Police probe ex-DG

Alex Matlala

Alex Matlala

Limpopo police are investigating a case of assault against the former director-general of the province, John Malatji.

Malatji, 63, is accused together with an accomplice of brutally assaulting former Greater Letaba municipal manager, David Mohale, in Polokwane during the Easter weekend.

Mohale is the father of Masalanabo Modjadji, whom he fathered with the late Rain Queen Makobo. The past Rain Queen died in 2005.

Police spokesman Superintendent Mohale Ramatseba yesterday confirmed that Mohale had opened a case of assault against Malatji on Saturday at the Polokwane police station.

Sources close to the royal family said Malatji allegedly connived with a local school teacher, Mokoto wa Jones Modjadji, 58, to kill Mohale.

Mokoto's father is the most senior official of the Modjadji royal family and council.

On that fateful Saturday Mohale was walking to Westenburg at about 8pm with his daughter, Masalanabo, 3, when he met Malatji and his accomplice who were allegedly armed with iron rods and hammers.

The suspects allegedly attacked Mohale until he fell to the ground.

He managed to escape and ran to the police station, Mohale said in his police statement.

But the royal family yesterday said that Mohale was a "serial liar".

The Balobedu regent, Mpapatla Modjadji, also claimed that Mohale had opened "hundreds of cases" with the police against members of the royal family and council members in the past, which were later withdrawn for lack of evidence.

Mohale has been in the news since his controversial love affair with the late Makobo.

The royal family had disapproved of the relationship, saying the Rain Queen could not go out with a commoner.

He is also alleged to have fathered a child with a woman who once looked after Makobo.