Dagga, brandy 'tip of iceberg'

Mvuyo Mati

Mvuyo Mati

The discovery of dagga cookies that rocked a school in the Eastern Cape are only the tip of the iceberg.

Pupils told Sowetan that "many things have happened in this school, including sex in the classrooms".

Pupils said a grade 11 class once witnessed pupils having sex on a desk in full view of other learners .

"The teacher was not in class and these lovebirds were bragging that they could do it anywhere, any time," claimed a learner.

"And suddenly they were doing it and nothing happened."

Eight pupils at the school, Unathi High School, in Cambridge near East London, were allegedly caught with dagga-laced muffins and brandy on Friday.

They said they will not go down alone.

The muffins baked with flour mixed with dagga were found in the pupils' lunchboxes and the brandy in a bag.

The school principal, Thabo Roman, has since ordered the culprits to leave the school.

In a turn of events, the expelled pupils claim that a female teacher in the school ate dagga-laced muffins during a birthday of one of the pupils.

"There was a birthday party for one of the students and two types of muffins were served."

Roman is said to have told the pupils to return on Thursday with their parents.

Contacted for a comment, Roman said he had referred Friday's incident to the Department of Educationt.

"This is all I'm prepared to say," he said.

l In another high school in Reeston, near Mdantsane, four boys were arrested for allegedly possessing reefers of dagga.

The boys, aged 15 and 18, were later released into the custody of their parents.