Mayor is sorry over water crisis

Selby Makgotho

Polokwane municipality yesterday assured residents that the water crisis was over.

Two weeks ago residents of Flora Park and some parts of Ster Park woke up to find that their taps had run dry. There had been no warning from the municipality.

People depended on municipal trucks for their water, until water was restored late last week.

Simon Mokoatedi, the municipality's spokesman, said yesterday that the problem had been detected.

"We can confidently say there will not be a water crisis in the near future. We identified the problem areas. All the stolen transformers and cables have been replaced," Mokoatedi said.

He said executive mayor Thabo Makunyane had publicly apologised to residents for the inconvenience that they were exposed to.

"During the crisis, there were also too many rumours doing the rounds," Mokoatedi said.