Confusion at Rangers

Mcelwa Nchabeleng

Mcelwa Nchabeleng

There is confusion at Fidentia Rangers after the the National First Division side was liquidated this week..

The curators have retrenched seven players despite an agreement between them and the South African Football Players' Union that no player should be retrenched.

"We had the meeting with the curators and the players in Cape Town and we all agreed that no player will be retrenched," Cappy Matutoane, the union's national organiser, said yesterday.

"We agreed on a 13 percent salary cut instead of retrenchments and the players were satisfied with the agreement rather than to lose their jobs. We also gave them an option to sell the club rather than to be liquidated to save the players' jobs. They agreed to this suggestion.

"Joe da Silva, one of the curators, told us that they intended to sell the club for R1 million, but I was appalled by the selling price. I gathered that clubs in this league cost about R5 million."

Da Silva confirmed yesterday that they intended selling the club. "I have asked George Papadakis to apply at the high court for the sale of the club."

Sources close to the club said that those who are current negotiators "want to sell it to their friends".