Corolla is best bet in used cars

l 2005 Toyota Corolla 1,6i GLE

l 2005 Toyota Corolla 1,6i GLE

l Price: R139 800

l Mileage: 30 000km

l Colour: White

l Motor plan: 2-year or 40000km

l Dealer: Auto Pedigree warranty

Charl Wilken

The trustworthiness that comes with a Toyota is in itself enough reason to buy one.

Apart from this, you can always be sure that you get what you expect from a Toyota.

Our used test model is one of the top-selling family sedans on the market, a 2005 Toyota Corolla 1,6i GLE with automatic transmission from Auto Pedigree Fourways.

Over the years Toyota has gone from strength to strength and with our used test model it is clear why most South Africans choose a Toyota.

The Corolla is a no frills, no fuss model that can compete against other cars in this segment and still outgun the more luxurious competition.

Saying that this is a no fuss model doesn't mean that there are no luxuries. Standard equipment includes dual front airbags, air-conditioning, front-loading CD player, central locking and power steering.

The Corolla makes an excellent family car, with enough legroom at the back for adults and the seating position is very comfortable. Our model was still in superb condition and the interior was ultra clean.

The large boot has more than enough space for four average suitcases.

As a day-to-day car the Corolla does its duty exceptionally to take you around the city.

The fuel consumption for the Corolla is also very good and you won't have to make a stop at every second petrol station.

Parking isn't an arduous task either. The light steering makes it easy to go in and out of parking bays.

On the road the Corolla feels solid and cabin noise at 120kmh is still good for a car in this class.

The four-cylinder, 1,6litre petrol engine delivers a healthy 81kW and 146Nm of torque, which is coupled to a smooth four-speed automatic gearbox that delivers power to the front wheels.

The automatic transmission is quite good and changing gears goes without a stutter. This is clearly not one of Toyota's performance vehicles, but power delivery is good enough to take you up to 100kmh in about 11 seconds and you will get close to a maximum speed of 200kmh.

For about R20000 less than the price of a new one with just 30000km on the clock, it makes sense to buy this used Corolla, especially because they are known for their high residual values. This car also comes with an additional 2-year, 40000km warranty.

Contact Stefan from Auto Pedigree Fourways on 011-467-7706 or 084-627-7571.