Celeb mum on mom and 'dad'

Prince Chauke

Prince Chauke

Popular radio and television personality Pabi Moloi is keeping mum about her "father" Neo Maphaka.

Moloi has steadfastly refused to comment on claims by Neo Maphaka, former CJB lead singer, that he is her father and wants to be reunited with her.

According to Maphaka - who was once married to Moloi's mother, popular television personality Nana Moloi - he last saw Moloi when she was two years old.

Moloi has refused to be drawn in about either Maphaka or her mother.

Asked if Maphaka was her father, Moloi replied: "I don't want to say anything."

And asked for her mother's contact details, she replied: "I don't have my mother's number."