Murder accused who escaped pinned down

Elisha Molefe

Elisha Molefe

Luck ran out for alleged murderer and rapist Eksteen Ford. The 23-year-old was re-arrested on Saturday.

Ford escaped from the Morokweng police station holding cells in Ganyesa, North West, then broke into his former girlfriend's house and allegedly assaulted her.

He was initially charged with his uncle's murder and his former girlfriend's rape. He now faces additional charges of assault and escaping from custody.

Last week the Sowetan's Mafikeng office was flooded with calls from the public who claimed to have seen Ford in the village were he allegedly committed the crimes. Sowetan gave the information to the police. He was re-arrested in the same area.

Captain Job Mothibi said Ford escaped after he pretended to be sick.

"Morokweng police collected Ford from Kuruman correctional services and took him to hospital. An appointment was made for the next day. He was kept at Morokweng for the night. He escaped that night after cutting through the overhead burglar bars in the exercise area in the cells."