Leadership has totally failed poor people

It disgusts me when people justify dismal failures with visionary leadership. Why have we become so insensitive to our own suffering, voiceless, indigenous Africans who have been landless for so long?

Most of those who talk about visionary leadership in regard to land redistribution are insulting the intelligence of landless people. Is 12 years overnight? Of course if you and your children have shelter you might say it is, but I don't think so.

We have become a country of praise singers for indifferent leaders. We accept excuses of non-delivery and poor service delivery. It's easy to forget if you have it all, but we won't forget. In fact, there will be a reverse process of the forgiving process of the TRC if it is business as usual.

The patience of the poor has come to its zenith and they can't take more. Our people have been taken for a ride and their disadvantaged positions are being worsened by no other than our "own".

If Boers were able to prioritise forced removals of our people from their land and property, why can't we do the same by reversing the process? Our people's patience has been taken for granted and I will understand if they stop at nothing to change their situation by any means necessary.

The leadership is unable to secure land, decent houses and good service delivery for the poor.

Sibusiso Dlamini, Tshwane