Protect marriage institution

Marriage is an institution that needs to be respected.

Marriage is an institution that needs to be respected.

It is not only Christians who are against the Civil Union Bill that legalises same-sex marriages. Religious organisations and many South Africans are against this marriage law.

Where are we going as a nation? Are we only thinking of our political status? What about the coming generation?

We cannot deny the fact that most South Africans are Christians. They belong to this country and should be allowed to make their point.

Marriage is for a male and a female, not for John and Johnson.

Give it another name not marriage.

Yes, it is indisputable that many homosexuals are educated. They know how to defend themselves, but marriage is not for them.

Call it a union or something related to friendship, but not marriage.

A complete family is one that has a man and a woman in it.

South Africa needs God to save us. We are in a serious mess. We will get into a deeper mess if we allow this kind of behaviour.

Those in power must know we did not elect them to mess up our cultures, education, religions, kids and society.

Protect the marriage institution and our children.

Nkadimeng Modibe, Pretoria