Have a good time with golf

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

I have been pondering where to go to at this time of the year to relax with a like-minded crowd.

For me that would be the more mature type who want to take it a bit slow, while still having a good time.

I'm not talking about going to movies, though that's a tempting prospect as well.

I am also not talking about going to clubs because club life in Johannesburg is a bit boring and predictable, especially if you are on the other side of 30.

The only other option is to go to the theatre and really have a ball.

Consider the added element of an after-show dinner with delicious wine, and the whole evening becomes even more attractive.

Paul Slabolepszy's, left, latest comedy Not The Big Easy directed by Bobby Heaney is on at the Liberty Theatre on the Square in Sandton City, and will run until February 4.

If you are a visitor to Johannesburg, or you can't afford to goon holiday, Not the Big Easy will keep you amused.

In his new theatrical offering, Paul Slab takes us into the world of a Golfing Everyman.

This is the untold saga of the "forgotten" Ernie - the "other" Ernie - 50-year-old Ernie Evans.

Not so much the "Big Easy" as a "Little Queasy" is how the guy feels every time he goes out to tackle the game he loves and hates in equal measure!

The entire play is enjoyable and a must-see.