Limpopo art MEC hails predecessor

Victor Hlungwani

Victor Hlungwani

Newly appointed Limpopo MEC for sport, art and culture Joyce Mashaba shocked the gathering at the yearly celebration of King Nghunghunyani Day in Giyani.

This after she expressed dismay at the expulsion of her predecessor, Joe Maswanganyi.

Mashaba said Maswanganyi had taken over the department when it was not doing well and that his departure was a loss to "the nation".

She said Maswanganyi had "unified the nation" and restored the culture and tradition of Africans by erecting various statues of kings who had fought against colonialism.

A statue of Nghunghunyani, a Shangani king who fought against colonialist and died in 1906 in exile at Azore Island, was unveiled in Giyani last year.

The event was attended by dignitaries from Mozambique, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

She said she would explore avenues for getting Maswanganyi involved in the work of the sports, arts and culture committee, as had been recently suggested by the committee's chairman.

Mashaba said that she would embark on this programme because Maswanganyi's leadership was "good".

Moving on to other things, she said she was not thinking of making any changes to the Mapungubwe festival in the near future because it "unified" South Africans.