Victim drops all charges

Alfred Moselakgomo

Mpumalanga's naughty priest, who allegedly filmed a woman's genitals last month without her consent, is off the hook.

Pastor Alpheus Mabaso, 49, was allegedly caught shooting a video of the woman's genitals at a wedding at which both were guests.

The woman, Audrey Bokaba, 20, surprised many when she forgave the pastor and withdrew formal charges against him.

The periodical court in Marapyane, Mpumalanga, struck the case off the roll on Thursday.

This followed a lengthy telephonic discussion between Mabaso and Bokaba, during which he apologised and she forgave him.

Mabaso, of the Christian Church of Zion, turned the wedding into chaos last month when he was allegedly caught in the act while filming under Bokaba's skirt.

Guests at the wedding stopped whatever they were doing and threatened to assault the married father of two.

He was arrested the next day for indecent assault, but hardly a week later Bokaba announced she had forgiven the man of the cloth.

The two reportedly had about a 30-minute midnight telephone discussion and she dropped the charges the next day.

Mabaso was not in court when the charges were dropped and has since refused to comment on the allegations.

Magistrate Morris Ntlailane threw the case out of court.

Mabaso was relieved of his church duties after a closed-door church meeting after the wedding.