Shot baby trial postponed

Thembela Khamango

Thembela Khamango

The trial of five men allegedly involved in a robbery and shootout with security guards was again postponed in the Johannesburg magistrates' court yesterday.

The shooting occurred when two Coin Security Group guards were robbed of an undisclosed amount of money in the Johannesburg city centre recently.

A 15-month-old baby, Khensani Mitileni, was shot and killed while strapped to her mother's back during the shootout.

Seven bystanders were injured.

The suspects were arrested in different parts of the city the same day.

They are facing charges of armed robbery, attempted murder, murder and possession of unlicensed firearms.

One of the accused, Fana Makhanya, 25, was not in court yesterday because of an error by prison officials.

Lawrence Alfonso, 44, Bhekizwe Ndlovu, 27, and Muhle Mazibuko and Menzi Hlongwe, both 20, appeared briefly.

They were all dressed in shabby, casual clothes.

The case was postponed to December 12, when Makhanya will also be present, and all the accused will apply for bail.