Dube signs irie deal

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

In a career strewn with many firsts, Lucky Dube notched yet another when he signed on the dotted line with Warner Music International for worldwide release.

Gallo, his local record company, confirmed the international release of their premiere reggae act through Warner Music International.

Reggae king Dube's latest album, Respect, will be released through Warner on Monday in all their territories.

The dreadlocked singer, who has been in the business for more than 30 years, said he was "extremely" happy.

He said: "Especially because this happens hot on the heels of our association with Motown and later Heartbeat. Now it's Warner Music International time. They are respected worldwide.

"Hooking a deal with Warner will open opportunities. They have a movie department and lots of associates worldwide, and this is a plus.

"Through them, we will get deals we would otherwise not get. We are excited about this relationship that will see Respect released in Europe next week and in the US next month."

Dube said the deal would be followed by a promotional tour of the US and Europe.

About new recordings the reggae star said: "We will record only when we are ready and have exhausted Respect's promotion and tour worldwide."

Gallo said the Warner signing was an incredible feat for their artist who, though having secured significant success internationally, has never been able to extend his reach across the globe to this degree before.

The opportunity, Gallo said, not only opens doors for him, but also draws the world's attention to South African talent.