Not all va-va voom for the modern girl

Book: Man Of the Month Club

Book: Man Of the Month Club

Author: Jackie Clune

Publisher: Quercus

Reviewer: Itumeleng Motuba

Financial independence for women gave birth to a new breed of woman who had everything she could possibly want, except a man.

This witty British book highlights the lifestyle of just such a woman. She has her own business, a penthouse, a good car, but no one to share it with.

Amy Stokes has just turned 39. She has got used to a life of being single: going out with her friends, hanging out at the pub and having the occasional fling.

Then something happens: her dog dies, she finds an abandoned baby outside her shop and all her friends fall pregnant.

To Stokes this is a sign that maybe there is more to life than flashy cars and designer clothes - she decides to have a baby.

The only problem is that she has no man. She tells her gay friend, Brendan, about her plan.

When she is ovulating, she will go out to meet a potential sperm donor, take him home, do the nasty and cross her fingers that she gets pregnant.

Unfortunately, this whole baby-making business is not as cut and dried as she expects.

Things become difficult when she starts her search for a suitable man because most of the ones she meets are intimidated by her beauty, wit and desperation.

To make matters worse, she falls in love with a doctor who shoots blanks. So while there is every prospect of sharing a dreamy future with the gorgeous doctor, there is absolutely no hope whatsoever of her ever hearing the sound of little feet going pitter-patter on her wooden floors.

This is a funny, witty book that will capture the imagination of the modern-day woman or anyone who longs for the lifestyle it portrays.

It is worth a read and, I hope, after reading it most of us will not find ourselves in the sad situations it depicts.

Still, not everyone is meant to be coupled for life.

The book might just be a nice little read to brighten up your day, even if you're not in a relationship.