Ecstatic survivor from Botswana is suddenly rich and 'feels great'

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

Ecstatic Tebby's sleepless nights came to an end when, at Survivor Africa's grand finale, the tribal council voted her the winner.

The journalist from Botswana beat Jeremiah and 10 other contestants from eight African countries to snatch the R723000 that was up for grabs.

An excited Tebby said that deep down she knew that she was going to walk away with the coveted prize.

"Though I was confident, towards the end I wasn't really feeling that sure. I don't know how I'm feeling at the moment, but it's great," she said.

Chuckling, Tebby conceded that she knew beforehand what Survivor was about.

"I used to watch it. There is no way that you can mentally prepare for a programme like this, so we prayed a lot on the show. Whenever I felt weak, I forced myself to focus just to keep the positive energy going.

"Besides, I believed in my ability to make it. I had watched other Survivor shows so I knew what to expect," she revealed.

With true showmanship, Jeremiah who had just lost out to Tebby, proposed to his girlfriend, Angie, live on television.

Over the moon at her accepting his proposal, he said: "I didn't get the money, but I got the girl."

Tebby quipped that though she was still single, it was possible that she might get a proposal when she returned home.