Thibedi does not deserve prison

I would like to raise my concerns about what is happening in our Justice and Home Affairs departments. This case of Kabelo Thibedi is very embarrassing.

Sure, the poor guy did the wrong thing taking that official hostage.

But there were very trying circumstances that led him to do it.

The government has failed this young man by not providing him with an identity document. Having an ID is a right, not a privilege, especially if a person was born and raised in South Africa.

It is no secret that the Home Affairs Department is incompetent and has failed us miserably.

Thibedi was denied his rights as a South African. Or was he supposed to go and buy an ID, as illegal immigrants do?

At the moment there is a proposal to introduce maternity leave for pregnant school girls.

But we are jailing people who are trying to help grow our economy.

Many people who have committed crimes have been pardoned because of the overcrowding in prisons.

So how is the state going to benefit by putting Thibedi away?

The government is creating a monster out of an innocent individual.

Siphiwe Mpho Hlatshwayo Johannesburg