'Dead man walking because of corrupt incompetence'

Kabelo Thibedi has been treated unfairly.

Kabelo Thibedi has been treated unfairly.

Despite his unbecoming and unjustifiable action, which cannot be condoned, his sentencing is scandalous.

Section 33 of the constitution makes provision for just administrative action.

Thibedi's application for an ID is an administrative action and the department is required to comply. His rights were negatively affected by this unjust two-year delay.

He could not vote, obtain a driver's licence, study further, get employment or open a bank account.

He was virtually rendered a "dead man walking" by a department notorious for corruption and incompetence.

To vent his anger, Thibedi resorted to desperate measures. Do people have to resort to such drastic measures to get services from government departments? Surely not.

Why should Thibedi be incarcerated and have a criminal record because of an unjust, unfair and unreasonable administrative action?

What has happened to those in the department who trampled on his constitutional rights?

I am baffled by the silence of the Human Rights Commission, the public protector and the Office of the Public Service Commission. Were they not established to protect citizens against arbitrary and capricious action and to monitor the functioning of state organs?

Kabelo deserves better.

Leslie Kgapola, Tshwane