Patients bring own water with them

Selby Makgotho

Selby Makgotho

The new Jane Furse Hospital in Limpopo has been hit by severe water shortages, prompting patients to discharge themselves from the hospital.

Sowetan has been reliably told that water shortages have been going on for some time now.

Out-patients bring water with them to the hospital.

In some cases, relatives bing containers of water to the hospital when visiting family members.

Lampie Maditsi from Sekhukhune said he had to discharge himself from the hospital after spending an entire week without water in the hospital.

"It's so difficult to spend time in the new Jane Furse Hospital. There's no water to bath or brush your teeth. This alone could make patients sick," Maditsi said.

Apparently there is a problem supplying water to the hospital from the reservoirs in the area.

The hospital, Maditsi said, was also experiencing a shortage of doctors.

"Almost every patient in our ward has complained that they have not been seen by a doctor for about a week," he said.

Another patient, Moshetji Malatji, said: "There are problems with the water supply in this hospital.

"There is also obviously a shortage of doctors. Most patients are discharging themselves. Even nurses are quietly telling patients to go to other hospitals."

Spokesman for the provincial health department, Phuthi Seloba, said his department did not know, and had not been told, there were water problems at the hospital.

"We will however investigate," he said, adding that patients should not discharge themselves unless told to do so by a doctor.