Tips for real partying

Itumeleng Motuba

It's always annoying to see people misbehaving and disturbing others at parties.

We all go to parties to have fun. Here are a few points about party etiquette.

nLimit the booze. We all now and again like to drink ourselves into a stupor. But this should only be done with close friends. It is unattractive to pass out on the couch with your tongue sticking out while you snore.

nDo not drink and dial: yes, I said it right. Don't you just hate people who call up their ex-lovers as soon as they get drunk and cry to them the whole night ? Go to therapy, not a party.

nAvoid being an annoying fly. Identify your crowd and stick to them.

nDon't over-flirt. Women sometimes throw themselves at guys at parties. That is so cheap, sisters. You are worth more.

nDon't hog the bar. There is ample drink for everyone and bar-hoggers need to get a life. The bar is where you fetch drinks, not where you reside.

nDo not drink and drive. Need I explain this? We should all know it by now.

nDo not go to a party in a bad mood. It is sad to see people drowning in drink and close to tears. It is a party and should be enjoyed.

Now that we know how to behave. let the party start ...