'My little nephew was lying dead in the ditch'

Pumza Fihlani

Pumza Fihlani

Beleke Seleke is overwhelmed with guilt.

The young man blames himself for the death of his two-year-old nephew, whose body was found mutilated in Westonaria this week.

Seleke said yesterday that he felt responsible for the boy's death because little Tekano and his four-year-old sister, Tshidi, were left in his care on the day Tekano died.

"My sister left them in my care. I was supposed to look after them," he sobbed.

The boy's body was found in the Holomisa informal settlement in a storm-water ditch a few metres from his home.

"His penis had been cut off."

Tekano is believed to have been playing next to the ditch with Tshidi and two young friends when he was attacked at about 4pm.

Seleke choked back his sobs as he relived what happened on Tuesday.

"I last saw the children at about 10am playing with the other kids across the street."

He said that one of their neighbours, Ncumisa Vaaltyn, came to his house and told him that she was taking the children to visit a friend in another part of the squatter camp.

"I asked why she was taking the children and she just told me not to worry," he said.

Vaaltyn spoke to Sowetan yesterday: "The children disappeared while I was inside my friend's house.

"I looked for them for a bit, but then thought they had gone home."

Tshidi returned home several hours later, carrying her brother's bloody pants.

She told Seleke to "come see Tekano" and led him to the ditch.

"I could not believe my eyes when I arrived there.

"He was dead, my little nephew was dead," Seleke said.

Vaaltyn said she was "completely shocked" when she heard about what had happened from Seleke later that afternoon.

West Rand police spokesman Captain Paula Terreblanche said yesterday a murder case had been opened.

"We are still busy with investigations.

"We interviewed more community members yesterday, but we do not yet have a suspect."