Accused gave three versions of who killed his mom and dad

Khanyisile Nkosi

Khanyisile Nkosi

A witness told the court how Riaz Kadwa, son of a murdered plastic surgeon, told his family three different versions of how his parents were killed.

Jadelah Boomgaard told the Johannesburg high court yesterday that the family at first believed the story that Mohamed Kadwa and his wife Munirah were killed by intruders in a robbery at their home.

Boomgaard, the murdered woman's sister, said the family started doubting Kadwa when he changed his story and said he shot his father.

She said Kadwa later changed his story yet again and said that his mother shot his father and then herself.

"I told him that was absolutely a lot of bull. I knew my sister, she couldn't handle the gun," Boomgaard told the court.

Riaz Kadwa, 23, his wife, Nabeela Patel-Kadwa, and his sister, Nabila Kadwa, 18, pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

Kadwa, a firearms instructor who holds a black belt in karate, faces two counts of murder and one count of attempting to defeat the ends of justice.

His sister and wife have been charged with being accessories after the fact and with attempting to defeat the ends of justice.

The trio's arrest followed the murder on October 5 last year of plastic surgeon, Mohamed Anwar Kadwa, 50, and his wife Munirah, 49. They were shot in the bedroom of their home in Mayfair, Johannesburg.

Mohamed Kadwa had a practice at a Johannesburg clinic at the time of his death.

The state alleges that on the night of the shooting, the first day of Ramadan, the fasting period for Muslims, the deceased and the accused were at home.

At about 11pm, the indictment states, Kadwa went into his parents' bedroom and fired several shots at his father as he lay in bed. Mohamed Kadwa was hit in his torso, an arm and a leg.

Kadwa then allegedly fired two shots at his mother. One shot hit her in the face.

He then allegedly left the firearm and the magazine on the stairs and fled.

The state alleges that when the police arrived Kadwa told them that his parents had been killed by unknown assailants during a robbery attempt.

Kadwa's wife and sister corroborated his story.

Inspector Stephanus Venter, of the Johannesburg police dog unit, said yesterday that he and his team were the first on the scene.

Venter told the court that his dog led him to a firearm and magazine on the stairs.

"I heard a man's voice and a woman's in the bathroom. They were shouting: 'Where is my sister, are my parents okay?'," said Venter.

He said that Kadwa, who looked frightened, gave the police a description of the intruders.

The trial continues.