Spate of rapes against elderly women

Mvuyo Mati

Mvuyo Mati

Seven women have been raped, including one who was stabbed to death, in the Transkei, dubbed the "rape capital" of the Eastern Cape.

Mamthembu Diya, 51, was raped and stabbed to death in Imizizi village near Mthatha at the weekend. She was asleep when a man broke down a door to gain entry to her home.

Superintendent Nondumiso Jafta said after raping Diya the man stabbed her to death.

No arrest had been made, he said.

On Saturday in Sidanda village, Ngqeleni, a 70-year-old woman was raped. She was asleep when she heard someone opening a window.

When she screamed to alert neighbours, a man threatened her with a knife before repeatedly raping her.

Another woman, 60, was raped in Nqanda, in Ngqeleni, at about 4pm.

Jafta said another elderly woman, 65, was raped by a man wearing a balaclava in Ludeke village in Bizana last week. She was also sleeping at the time.

Two teenagers, both 13, were raped in Mthatha and Port St John's. Both girls were alone at home at the time.

Another teenage girl, 16, was raped in Mtyu village in Ngqeleni at the weekend. She was at home when her assailant attacked her.