Divorce party invitation trends on Twitter: #IAMADIVORCEE

Divorce parties have been around for a while now.

We started seeing reports of them in the media late 2013.

Most people reason  that we celebrate marriages and birthdays why not celebrate divorces? There are even divorce party planers. 

A divorcee told Fox News that divorce is so stressful that at the end of it all you need a release. Wendy Lewis said she went through a lengthy legal battle with her ex and had to short sell her home to pay for the legal fees.

“It’s so stressful that by the time it’s all over, all you want to do is have a release,” Lewis said. 

Some licensed relationship therapists actually recommend the parties for their clients. They state it helps bring closure if done responsibly.

Now it seems like one of South Africa’s now famous divorcee has joined the divorce party trend.

Cameron Modisane has set social media abuzz with his birthday/divorce party.  Modisane  was married to Thoba Sithole in the first ever traditional African gay wedding in 2013.

Modisane’s #IAMADIVORCEE was trending on social media after a poster of his birthday/divorce party was leaked.


Modisane explained in a Facebook statement that people were not judged for going to After Tears ( a party/celebration which is normally held after a funeral) so they should not judge him for hosting a divorce party.

Here is his statement:

I really don't understand people.

I decided to throw myself a birthday party and invited a few people. Someone decided to leak the invitation that was not meant for public consumption.

Then you have "holy cows" who decide to air their snotty comments especially those who I didn't invite.

What I do with my life has nothing to do with you.

People die horrible deaths, there are funerals and most of you go to ‪#‎AfterTears to get drunk. No one judges you.

Allow me to do whatever I want to do. MY LIFE MY RULES!!

You don't have to attend a party that you don't agree with. Allow me to celebrate my birthday and happiness in peace with the few people I have invited.

I do... I did.... and now I am done!

Now it's party time!! ‪#‎SikaLekhekhe

‪#‎BirthdayVibes ‪#‎IAmADivorcee