Meet the woman who stole actor Bohang Moeka's heart

Image: Instagram

Hunky actor Bohang Moeka has found love in the arms of an equally gorgeous personal trainer and is floating on cloud nine.

The actor who doesn't often speak about his personal life has been sharing loved-up snaps of his lady‚ which definitely paints a perfect picture.

Bohang's special lady is a personal trainer named Shanty‚ who also can't help but show her guy off on social media.

During a recent interview on Touch HD‚ Bohang revealed that his whirlwind romance started with a simple DM.

“I’ve seen her a couple of times at the the time she had a boyfriend‚ so now‚ fast forward a couple of months or a few months‚ I see her at pop bottles again...and then fast forward a couple of months‚ I see her at an audition."

Bohang added that it was only after he saw her on a friend's Instagram stories that he decided to strike up conversation with her.

"What happened was‚ I follow one of her friends‚ so I was looking at her insta story and she happened to pop up in there and I saw the peach I was like: 'hey hey hey' I went into the profile‚ DM’d her I was like: ‘Hey I saw you at the audition the other day'...we talked...eventually we exchanged numbers‚ it went to Whatsapp‚ we ended up training together‚ we went to coffee dates from there‚ lunch dates‚ movie dates."

And‚ the rest as it's said is history!

He Clearly Got the memo. Happy Hump Day.😝 Happy Valentine’s Day🌹

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