Makhosi Khoza’s party splits as rogue members vote

Dr Makhosi Khoza has been given an ultimatum.
Dr Makhosi Khoza has been given an ultimatum.
Image: Ruvan Boshoff

Some members of the African Democratic Change (ADeC) party are demanding the resignation of their leader Makhosi Khoza if she doesn't recognise the newly elected interim leadership and reverse the expulsion of party leaders Lufuno Gogoro and Mpho Ramakatsa.

Their demand was made after the party's two-day imbizo in Johannesburg this Thursday and Friday.

It is alleged Khoza boycotted the imbizo but endorsed the dismissal of Gogoro and Ramakatsa from the party. The duo were kicked out of the party on the first day of the imbizo on Thursday afternoon.

ADeC spokesperson Feziwe Ndwayana said Khoza didn't recognise the interim structure elected at the imbizo and insisted Gogoro and Ramakatsa were no longer party members.

"That was a gathering of friends and not members of our party, so we don't recognise that structure. We are still going to convene a meeting with all provincial structures some time in April to discuss party issues. We can also confirm that we have parted ways with Lufuno Gogoro and Mpho Ramakatsa because they are following the traditional way of practising politics. They are even talking about imbizo. That word does not even exist in our constitution," she said.

Three provincial members who attended the imbizo, but who didn't want to be named because they are not allowed to speak to the media, confirmed they agreed that Khoza should either recognise the interim structure or ship out.

"We have converted the old interim structure into a new one and Lufuno Gogoro and Mpho Ramakatsa are part of that structure with Dr Makhosi Khoza as our president. But if she doesn't recognise this structure she must leave because this party was not founded by her but by many people who wanted to see democratic changes in our country," said the member.

The other member confirmed they had taken a resolution to compel Khoza to recognise the structure or be pushed out of the party.

Lufuno Gogoro
Lufuno Gogoro

"We invited her together with other national leaders to come to the imbizo but she snubbed us. When we were busy there, they issued a statement and said comrade Gogoro and Ramakatsa have been fired.

"Ramakatsa is our secretary-general and Gogoro is our national chairperson, so she must either live with that or leave the party," said the member.

The other member said Khoza's decision not to recognise the interim structure and expel the duo has divided the organisation down the middle.

"We have actually split into [two] groups. This will be like Agang South Africa. It will die soon if a solution is not taken soon," said the member.

Ramakatsa said: " How do you expel people from the party if you don't even have a constitution, or policy? We decided to ignore that statement. Of course certain pronouncements were made during the imbizo but we all agreed Dr Khoza should remain our president for now."

Gogoro said: "We have decided not to recognise that statement [expelling them] because it is divisive."

Ndwayana also warned about fund-raising fraud. "The ADeC national team would further like to state that if there is any funding that has been raised on behalf of ADeC such actions are fraudulent and action against those that have been involved in such will be taken."