Former police officer awaits compensation

MAIMED: Simon Ramolongwana was shot while on duty.  PHOTO: VELI NHLAPO
MAIMED: Simon Ramolongwana was shot while on duty. PHOTO: VELI NHLAPO

A former North West police constable, who was shot in the thigh while on duty, wants compensation from the SA Police Service.

Simon Ramolongwana of Phokeng village in Rustenburg said he had waited for eight years for the SAPS to compensate him.

He said he was shot by an unknown suspect during a stop-and-search operation at a bus rank in Rustenburg in November 2004.

Consequently, he lost his job and had no income.

Ramolongwana, 40, who was employed as a reservist from 1999 and was stationed at the Rustenburg police station, said he could not look for another job because he walked with difficulty.

Ramolongwana is semi- paralysed in his right leg and said he felt neglected and forgotten by the police service.

"I have three children and a wife to take care of, I need a job but no one wants to hire a cripple like me," he said.

Ramolongwana said he could not even pay his medical expenses.

"My wife works as a security guard and her salary is our only income."

Police spokeswoman Captain Adele Myburgh said they could only assist Ramolongwana if he submitted the relevant documents.

"He has the responsibility to present a final doctor's report about his medical condition to the SAPS," Myburgh said.

She said they had requested Ramolongwana on several occasions to obtain the doctor's report in order to finalise the Workmen's Compensation.

"This might even give him the opportunity to be assessed and given permanent employment within the service.

"Without these documents, no action or assistance can be given to him," she said.

A police official handling Ramolongwana's case, Isack Mahuhushi, said he would try and speed up Ramolongwana's claim.

"We will look at other aspects to help him even if he does not have those documents Mahuhushi said."