How to fill the World Cup void

THE World Cup has come and gone.

THE World Cup has come and gone.

The country has successfully hosted this soccer showpiece to the satisfaction of all,including the sceptics, who believed that no African country would be able to host such an event. They have been proved wrong again.

But now I have heard stories about how we are going to deal with the mother of all hangovers in the aftermath of the World Cup.

What are we going to do to deal with the sudden void, vuvuzelas suddenly having gone silent, and all the parties having dried up?

But South Africans, being what they are, will always make a plan to deal with such situations.

Already a social networking club called Life@4o'nBeyond has come up with a plan of action for the aftermath.

And this time, they are not only taking care of the World Cup hangover but they are going to do it in style. They will be celebrating Nelson Mandela's birthday.

While bigger, official celebrations will certainly take place throughout the country on Sunday, this networking club will be celebrating the event in a small but special way.

Life@40'nBeyond Club will be celebrating Nelson Mandela's birthday at Herman's Place in Protea South, Soweto.

"We invite all the 40-year-olds and older to share the day with us.

"A birthday cake with Mandela's picture on it will be shared.

"Members will be wearing T-shirts with Mandela's picture on them. Members will sign the big birthday banner and card that will be sent to Nelson Mandela and the Nelson Mandela Foundation," Terry Mokoena, the organiser of the sessions, said.

Xhosa poet and praise singer Jessica Mbangeni, who recently performed with Victor Ntoni at the State Theatre in Pretoria, will be there to grace the party as the programme director.

Most of the Soweto Tavern owners are members of Life@40'nBeyond, and they will be there as well, Mokoena said.

Members are advised to arrive early. The party starts at 2pm and will go on till late.