Brazilians party night away

BRAZILIAN supporters, who hope to see the Samba Boys march all the way to the finals, have described Cape Town as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The supporters, in their signature green and gold regalia, have transformed the Sea Point Civic Centre near Green Point Stadium into a "Little Brazil", complete with the spirit of Rio de Janeiro.

They say "South Africans are fantastic" and the country has so far hosted a better World Cup than Germany in 2006.

However, their predictions about the crunch match between Bafana Bafana and France today were mixed.

John Hassan with his resident band, the Hassan 'adas, has been treating the tourists to samba, kwasa kwasa and local rhythms since the start of the tournament.

The carnival atmosphere was no different on Sunday night when the Samba Boys beat Ivory Coast.

Hassan partnered with a DJ from Brazil to thrill the wild supporters in celebration of the 3-1 victory.

"It's always chock-a-block here ... we want them to feel at home," saidHassan.

Branco Brazil, who was in Germany in 2006 for the World Cup, said South Africa had staged a better tournament.

He said most people around the world "did not know South Africa very well".

"I love the joy of the people here. They are so cheerful. South Africans and Brazilians are the same, they love life. They love good music. We both love to braai," he said.

Brazil said Bafana would not win today's match "because you guys are good at rugby and not soccer".

He said Brazil and South Africa shared a common culture dating back to the days of slavery.

"This city is clean. It is similar to Rio de Janeiro. The Green Point Stadium is fantastic. When I go home I will tell people to visit Cape Town. It's different from Joburg," said Alexadde Capola, from Sao Paulo.

"The music and night clubs are nice," said John Carlos, who believes Brazil will go all the way to the finals.

He said "things are going to be difficult for Bafana, but I hope they will get a chance because France is not good".

Marcia and her daughter Joelcia di Paula said they were happy to be in the country because "Africa is themotherland".