Silence about white racists is deafening

READING the report, "Racists flaunt vicious contempt" brought the sad reality closer to home - our country has been dealing with symptoms rather than the root of the problem.

While these racist taunts were meant to galvanise us into action in defence of our democracy, the absence of even a murmur from the self-anointed custodians of racial harmony condemning the utter disdain with which the white supremacists treat our Constitution is disconcerting.

What a misfortune that the obsession with Julius Malema and the struggle songs have provided a perfect deflection to what is a well-calculated push to reverse our democratic gains.

Those who have been shouting loudest about the inappropriateness of some struggle songs are presently conspicuous by their silence when racists hoist apartheid flags, sing offending anthems and chant neo-Nazi slogans.

Are symbols and, or songs only offensive to a particular racial group who happen to be white?

Why are we not hearing the same vociferous noises when offensive songs or utterances are directed at black people?

Clearly, there is no even-handedness and this glaring inconsistency can only cause damage to any attempts at cooling political or racial temperatures.

What is good for the goose must be good for the gander. Otherwise, our perceived bias and prejudice will make us lose credibility.

The initiative by the Social Movement Against Racial Tendencies must be understood against this backdrop.

Let us act without fear or favour as our kindness might slide onto a slippery slope.

Mogomotsi Mogodiri Johannesburg