Officials fail education system

THE problem is that politicians and senior managers often cite purported problems in education with scathing venom. But they are toothless when they have to take decisive actions to remedy the situation.

Those who define themselves as "real" comrades masquerade as politicians to manipulate the system and in the process quality education is compromised.

In pursuance of popularity and support from those they perceive as arbiters of their future, managers are failing to say and do what they are supposed to In the process they compromise obligations.

Yearly senior managers in education talk about turnaround strategies. The question to me, and I think to many South Africans, is: Can turnaround strategies succeed in a situation where people who are appointed to spearhead them are themselves considered to be part of the problem? I do not see us succeeding in improving the quality of education offered in our schools unless there is:

A "rebirth" of officials and educators in terms of ensuring that they reclaim and respect their work and profession. Put a stop to the clumsy implementation of the performance management system.

This has led to a culture of low purposefulness and questionable work ethics among employees in the department. The seeking of popularity at all costs and the fear of being labeled has led to a situation where managers (school-based and office-based) are unable to give proper direction and the necessary support to schools.

Thabiso Tsotetsi