ARA puts beasts above people

AS a young black South African I find it extremely disturbing when our culture is disrespected and deemed to be barbaric.

Animal Rights Africa (ARA) must start respecting our culture. To them animal rights is a white man's dog sitting in the passenger seat and a black man at the back of a truck.

To them people are less important than dogs. They are abusing the word "rights" and insulting and demonising African culture.

Why, when whites go game-hunting and shoot animals for fun, are rights lobbyists silent?

The apartheid government was not concerned about our culture and rituals. I won' t be surprised if Judge Nick van der Reyden is clueless about our culture and that is why he referred the matter to parliament.

If ukweshwama is animal abuse then what about Samson, who killed a lion with his bare hands in the Book of Judges ?

Africans, wake up and embrace your culture. When a nation is being destroyed culture is targeted. Those who are opposed to the liberation of the African will use every gap to poison our future generations. They even use the Holy Bible to demonise our culture.

To them the African way is satanic and only the Western way correct. The ARA must respect Africans for the sake of peace.

If Africans are losing their morals,it's because we have turned our backs on our culture. You makemqombothi poisonous and whiskey cultured. You scoff at sangomas or nyangas and prefer psychics and palm readers.

Thandile Sunduza, Goodwood