Public servants must wake up

WHERE did we go wrong, is the question many public servants ask themselves.

Since the inception of democracy in April 1994 our democratic government has done wonders.

The education and health system has improved and millions of RDP houses have been built and given to rightful owners.

Jobs have been created through expanded public works programmes and other initiatives.

As we celebrate our 15 years of freedom from the bondage of mental slavery under the apartheid regime, the same people who gave the government power to rule are protesting.

So, where did we go wrong?

There is speculation about the root cause of service delivery protests. Some blame in-fighting, some blame the lack of trained personnel. Others put it down to the current global economic downturn.

I think public servants have failed to communicate and implement government programmes properly.

We have left community members wondering what happened to project X and project Y and have not kept them abreast of progress. We have created a situation in which community members have started to demand answers.

We have not given the community enough feedback.

Lack of effective communication has led us into this mess and we will need diplomacy and action to get out of it.

Matome Malatji,Communications Manager,Bushbuckridge local municipality