You voted ANC, live with the consequences

THERE is no doubt that the 31percent electricity price hike demanded by Eskom will let inflation go through the roof.

If we think that food prices are high now, then we are in for a big shock.

Watch the price of food and other goods go sky high in about six months time as they will be affected by the cost of manufacturing, distribution, etc.

Responsibility for this mess can be placed squarely at the feet of the ANC, who appointed unskilled people to run Eskom after 1994. This is the truth, whether we like it or not.

Yet, most astoundingly, the majority again voted for the ANC despite the crisis they caused. How could the South African people vote for them again? Can they not see the crises occurring?

Is the education system so pathetic that the man in the street cannot put two and two together to work this out?

I heard recently that taxpayers in 21 municipalities around the country are now managing their own funds. Another 270 are planning to do so soon.

Do the people of this country really want to lose everything, like they did in Zimbabwe? The cow (government) does not have unlimited resources!

Uneducated people vote for their friends instead of those who can do the job. The poor are going to suffer in the near future.

You can be angry with me when you read this but just read it again in six months and check to see if I told the truth.

You can't strike against the government if you voted for them. You will have to accept the fact that you returned them to power and live with the consequences of poverty that are on their way.

Nonke Matsama, Tshwane