Serve those who voted you into Parliament

Congratulations to the new members of Parliament on their election.

The next five years will be daunting for you. Some people will try to corrupt you to advance their causes. Others will mislead you to neglect the people that got you elected. Your primary task is to contribute positively towards building a better life for all South Africans.

The public currently has little regard for MPs because many of your predecessors failed to fulfil their mandate. Most of them toed the party line at all times even when that compromised their role. They failed to hold the executive to account while some of them even defrauded Parliament to advance their narrow interests.

Your responsibility is to hold the executive to account at all times. You must represent your constituencies with excellence.

Lastly, you must always remember that you are in Parliament because of us voters. Never undermine your parliamentary obligations, otherwise you'll become a one-term wonder.

This job can open many opportunities for you.

I appeal to all of you to remember the oath you took when you were sworn in as MPs at all times.

Being a public representative is not about enjoying the privileges that come with that office but serving the public with excellence.

Matsobane Mokwalakwala, Soweto