Man assaulted for ANC T-shirt

Canaan Mdletshe

Canaan Mdletshe

An IFP councillor in Port Shepstone, Raveen Nunkumar, was yesterday released on warning by the Port Shepstone magistrate's court following his arrest on a charge of common assault.

Police spokesperson Captain Vincent Pandarum said Nunkumar, 39, was arrested yesterday for allegedly assaulting Patrick Mlungisi Blosefor wearing an ANC T-shirt.

He said the incident happened in the morning. "It is alleged that Blose, who was wearing a 'VOTE ANC' T-shirt, was waiting at Marburg for transport to work. But instead of being fetched by the person who normally does, another man arrived to fetch him.

The man asked him to take off the T-shirt but Blose, 32, refused. The man began assaulting him with an IFP flag.

Pandarum said the suspect informed Blose that he was an IFP member and drove off without him. "IFP councillor Nunkumar was arrested and taken to court on a charge of common assault.

The case was postponed to May 7," said Pandarum.