JZ must speak out against evil

I respect ANC president Jacob Zuma and have absolutely nothing against him. He is a humble man, but there are bad things done in his name and he just keeps quiet. Julius Malema once said he can kill for Zuma.

Others called people dogs, snakes, hypocrites, dying horses and so on, all in his name and he still says nothing. Now the murderer Mark Scott-Crossley who cruelly disposed of Nelson Chisale in a lions' den is using Zuma's name for his evil purposes.

How can we vote for a party that promotes crime and releases criminals?

People have spoken about the ANC and its corruption and I have tried to ignore it, but now I know it is true. The ANC is no longer the same. The stalwarts are dead. Children left behind do what they like. Others just stay to finish their parents' inheritance. The house no longer has dignity.

A white man brutally killed our brother and maybe, because of money, he is freed and talks rubbish in public.

Scott-Crossley will never forget how stupid the black man is, even those in Parliament. Where was he when we voted for the ANC? Is the ANC sure that he is going to vote for them?

Zuma must speak out, especially against rogues aligning themselves with the ruling party.

Pat Manana, Soweto