Nandipha queries divorce

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

A major confrontation is looming between Parsons (Tshepo Maseko) and Nandipha (Hlubi Mboya) of Isidingo in their on-screen divorce over the wording of the divorce papers he drew up.

Her bone of contention is the phrase "irreconcilable differences", a common phrase in South African celebrity divorce lexicon in real life.

This confrontation will play itself out in today's episode of Isidingo on SABC3 at 6.30pm.

Nandipha is furious about Parsons's reasons for wanting a divorce. She confronts him, saying the divorce papers must reflect his infidelity as a major part in the break-up. Parsons must now wrestle with whether to stand his ground or compromise.

This episode has raised the bigger issue - whether for example real reasons for a divorce must be stated, instead of hiding behind "irreconcilable differences" as is often the reason advanced by couples in divorce papers.

Sowetan yesterday spoke to Mboya and Maseko about the latest episode, and whether they believed this was the right thing to do when couples are divorcing.

Maseko said it was pointless for people to explain in detail the reasons why they were divorcing once they had decided to end the union. "Divulging in detail will make matters worse as divorce by itself is heartbreaking."

However, Mboya was adamant that in cases where infidelity is an issue, as in Parsons and Nandipha's case, the full reasons should be disclosed. "Irreconcilable differences is easily used by divorcees and lawyers as an easy way out, particularly where infidelity has been committed. I think under those circumstances the whole truth must be stated."