Spare a thought and cash for people who have cancer

In fulfilling the solemn undertaking I made in my conversation with God, I have decided to venture into addressing the plight of cancer patients.

In fulfilling the solemn undertaking I made in my conversation with God, I have decided to venture into addressing the plight of cancer patients.

In some instances, as is the unfortunate case of Pinkie Tiro - the sister of tv personality Felicia Mabuza-Suttle - people are dual carriers.

Last week, people celebrated a day on which we were bombarded with red and white - red hearts and red roses imprinted on almost everything possible.

I have and will always believe in unconditional love. My religious belief is that the best love, except the one we get freely from our Creator, is the unspoken affection that we give to the self.

I believe that loving oneself is a foundation for the most fruitful love that this world needs so dearly. Love that sees beyond colour, sex or disease.

Living publicly with HIV has exposed me to immeasurable love from people who I never knew existed.

In turn, I have in my own humble way, expressed my conscious and eternal love to my fellow countrymen and women, to my enemies and friends and even to my lovers and relatives.

Most of the time I have dwelt selflessly on issues that affect people who live with or are affected by HIV and Aids.

And I must say, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who has supported me in this turbulent journey. Through their assistance and guidance, I was able to touch the lives of millions of others in many special ways.

In this month of love, as many of us will be spoiling and be pressurised into declaring our unqualified love, I would like to challenge you to spare a thought for those who might not be as privileged.

Spare a thought for those who are sick and who are on the verge of death, as a result of cancer.

This is a clarion call for all of us to join a selfless friend of mine, Tidimalo Manyaapelo, who together with other women from South Africa decided to take part in the China Challenge 2009. It includes a strenuous 85km trek across the Great Wall of China to raise funds for charities catering for people who have cancer.

Tidimalo has chosen Cansa Mafikeng to be the beneficiary of her personal sacrifice.

What makes Tidimalo such "a dark angel" is the fact that although she will be celebrating her 40th birthday in the same week of the great challenge in April, she has chosen to go to China to raise money for those people who are confined to their beds because of cancer.

Therefore, I urge you my brothers and sisters, of all forms, shapes and sizes, of all races and religions, to help this humble African to realise her unfulfilled dream of making a telling difference to other people's lives.

All Tidimalo needs at this stage is R40000 to cover the cost of her historic trip. Every single cent raised through her sweat will be directly donated to the non-profit making organisation of her choice - Cansa Mafikeng.

On behalf of all those people living with cancer, let me thank you in advance for all your continued support.

Tidimalo can be contacted at