IFP refuses public apology to safety and security MEC

Mhlaba Memela

Mhlaba Memela

The IFP believes that making a public apology to KwaZulu-Natal transport, community safety and liaison MEC Bheki Cele would boost his "selfish" ego.

Cele had demanded a public apology from IFP leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi following statement he made that Cele was seen carrying a firearm in Nongoma. The IFP accused Cele of having interfered with police by ordering them to fire rubber bullets and pepper spray at its supporters when both parties staged rallies in Nongoma a week ago.

Cele said he had written to the IFP leadership demanding an apology following their statements. However, IFP national organiser Albert Mncwango, said his party would not withdraw its statements against Cele.

"Cele can go and hang himself because we stand by our statement. We believe that if he had not interfered with the police work everything would have gone smoothly," he said.

He said Cele should be the one who apologises to the police for interfering with their work and also to the people of Nongoma.

"The manner in which he conducted himself on the day is unacceptable. Police and stakeholders had a plan to handle the situation but Cele ordered them to go against their plan."

Cele had also said he wanted the IFP leaders to produce evidence that he was carrying a gun. "I want them to call another press briefing and apologise. If they don't, we will meet in court," he said.