Spending money for a living is a thrill

Corrine Britz. Cicra 2009. Pic. Unknown.
Corrine Britz. Cicra 2009. Pic. Unknown.

What is the most interesting aspect of your job?

I have a fabulous job. I am responsible for deciding what games are listed, setting the retail prices, deciding which games to advertise when, ensuring we meet the expected release dates in store and ensuring the games are always current and that we have the latest ones available.

It's extremely versatile and changes daily. There is always something to do and always new and exciting games to think about and experience.

And I spend money for a living. What better job is there for a girl?

Do you have to travel?

Yes. I have been to China, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, the UK, Cyprus and all over Europe.

What is the worst part of your job?

That's a tough question. But I rely heavily on our suppliers who import games for us and the worst part of my job is when a supplier lets me down because a game release date is postponed. This has terrible implications because we often have adverts that can't be fulfilled and our reputation is tarnished as a result.

What are the perks of your job?

The travel is very rewarding and broadening, but can be stressful. I meet loads of people that many people would love to meet, including the developers of games, and I once met and chatted to Vin Diesel. Definitely a big perk.

What personality type is needed to be a buyer for Incredible Connection?

I think the buyers are outgoing, extroverts and assertive. They are incredible negotiators and believe in win-win situations.

They are very passionate about what they do, they are team players, are self starters and highly motivated individuals.

Does your personal taste come into play when you buy the games?

That's not the smartest way to buy games because every person has different tastes and likes to play different games. I have to be open-minded and try to anticipate what my customers would like to buy, not what I would like to play. Decisions are made more on the genre of game, the international ratings and the reviews.

Do you have any locally produced games?

No, we only stock imported products - hence the high prices - since there are very few game developers in South Africa.

What has been your worst experience?

Making a decision to buy a game and putting all my effort and money behind it and then it flopped and didn't sell. It's also my responsibility to ensure we don't have stock that does not sell, so it's quite a stressful situation when a game does not sell and I have to move it. I also once brought in loads of imported products for the Pokemon craze a few years ago, but by the time the stock hit the stores the craze was over and I was stuck with stock that I didn't know what to do with.

Were you involved in the gaming industry before becoming a buyer for Incredible Connection?

No, I have come through the ranks of Incredible Connection by starting off in our Woodmead branch many years ago.

I learnt on the job and then I progressed from operations to merchandise.

Do combat games or racing games sell better?

Racing games sell better.

What was the worst game ever invented?

That's a very subjective question, but if you ask me what games showed disappointing performance over the past year, then it would have to be: Dark Sector for PS3, TNA Impact (all platforms), Command and Conquer Kane's Wrath for Xbox360, Fracture for PS3 and Universe at War for Xbox360,

What games should people look for in 2009?

Transformers 2, Assassins Creed 2, Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero 5, Ben 10: Alien Force and Resident Evil 5.

What are the top five games people should buy?

Gears of War 2, Fifa 2009, Need for Speed Undercover, Grand Theft Auto IV, Guitar Hero III.

- Lerato Matsaneng