'ANC can change economic policies'

Sapa and Anna Majavu

Sapa and Anna Majavu

The ANC leadership will change the country's economic policies that do not work, general secretary Gwede Mantashe told delegates at the United Transport and Allied Trade Union national congress in Boksburg yesterday.

Mantashe criticised ANC leaders who - when talking to investors - say that there will be no change when Jacob Zuma takes over as the country's president next year.

Zuma is one of the ANC leaders who has on several occasions - when talking to investors - said there would not be any change of policies when he finally takes over.

"That is not true," Mantashe said. "There will be change where we see that something is not working and there will be no change when things are progressing.

"This is why we removed leaders when they became big and resistant."

Asked why he was now criticising the former ANC leadership under Thabo Mbeki when the economy of the country grew during their term in office Mantashe said it was not the leaders who grew the economy but the policies adopted by the ANC.

"It is the organisation that produces your Thabo Mbekis, Nelson Mandelas, and your Oliver Tambos," he said.

"It is not the other way round."

Meanwhile, the SACP in Western Cape has labelled the national convention being planned for next month by Mbhazima Shilowa and Mosiuoa Lekota a "new Black DA".