Not too late to catch Pernell and his boys

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

If you're a fan of Canadian folk music group Pernell Reichert and The Hard Drinkers, you must be delighted because they are currently touring South Africa.

The group started their 10-day tour last week, but you can still catch them in Free State and Gauteng.

They will unleash their devilish tunes from their self-titled debut album in what promises to be an exclusive and inspiring look at the international alternative folk and country lifestyle.

Pernell and his band take the folk genre to new levels.

With punk influences and strong country roots, the songs engage audiences in a celebratory way, looking at life with fun and humour.

Pernell's songs bring his wild stories to life - stories from a man who has had anything but an easy life.

Pernell is proud to say that he has done everything, from flipping burgers to pumping gas.

He even had a stint on an oil rig, which also helped to develop his song-writing skills.

Pernell Reichert and The Hard Drinkers' South African tour continues to set the folk scene alight.

The group have already performed at the House of Nsako, Brixton, Cool Runnings and Rock Bar in Melville, Johannesburg, Lucky Fish Festival in Westonaria on the West Rand, Tings 'n Times in Hatfield in Pretoria and Stones in Edenvale, north of Johannesburg.

Their remaining gigs are:

l Today and tomorrow at The Bohemian at the Richmond in Johannesburg;

l Friday - Cool Runnings in Bloemfontein; and

l Saturday - Foundry Fly Lounge in Pretoria.