'My weekend from hell'

NO CASE: Knox Teintein. Pic. Veli Nhlapo. 30/09/08. © Sowetan.
NO CASE: Knox Teintein. Pic. Veli Nhlapo. 30/09/08. © Sowetan.

Edward Tsumele

Celebrity hair stylist Knox Teintein, who spent three nights in police holding cells, has described the experience as nerve-wracking and horrifying.

The hair stylist, whose salons in Johannesburg and Pretoria are visited by celebrities, was arrested on Friday and thrown into police cells for the weekend following accusations that he had raped one of his employees.

The employee, whose name is known to Sowetan, claimed that her boss had demanded sex before paying her salary for the past four months.

Teintein has denied the allegations.

"I was thrown into police cells and spent Friday night at the Hillbrow police station; then spent Saturday and Sunday at the Johannesburg Central police station - only to be told on Monday that I had no case to answer.

"This was like hell to me because I knew from the word go I had done nothing wrong. I cannot hurt even a fly.

"I took this girl in just like others and trained her so that she could become independent. Like the other trainees, I have been paying her since January. As someone who also comes from a poor family background, I truly believe in empowering black people from the townships.

"Unfortunately, these people tend to show gratitude in this way," he said.

Teintein added that the girl threatened to bring the police with her after he had intervened in a dispute between her and another employee at the Pretoria salon on Thursday.

"I was surprised when, as per her words, she rocked up with police at my salon on Friday and pointed me out as 'the rapist'. I was shocked and dismayed at the same time.

"However, I have decided to forgive her, and one hopes that she will realise her mistake," Teinteinx said.

Coincidentally during the interview with Teintein, the girl called the hair stylist requesting a meeting with him.

"No, I am not going to meet you. Go to the hair salon in Newtown and you will find your salary ready there," said Teintein. After about seven minutes she called again, and Teintein repeated that he wouldn't come.

However, when Sowetan called her later to ask if she knew that Teintein was a free man, she spoke a different language. "I cannot speak to you on this issue. Speak to the police. As far as I know the case is still on and I was supposed to go to court on Monday, but I was busy," she said.

Teintein's popular hair salons specialise in dreadlocks. The salons in Newtown and Braamfontein, Johannesburg, and Pretoria, are frequented by businessmen, media personalities, TV presenters and musicians.