One will bite the dust

FAVOURITE: Angola's Ricco is a gentleman. Pic. Unknown
FAVOURITE: Angola's Ricco is a gentleman. Pic. Unknown

Gugu Sibiya

After the drama over the first eviction in the Big Brother Africa 3 that saw Tanzania's Latoya leave the house last week, three other housemates are up for eviction.

Namibia's Lucille, Angola's Ricco and Nigeria's Uti are the second lot to face the chop. As head of house Zambian TK replaced himself with Lucille.

The fun and games are over. The claws are out as the backstabbing begins. Interestingly, each possible evictee got four votes from fellow housemates.

Of the three, I see Ricco surviving the chop. He is popular with both the ladies and the guys. He has displayed loads of sensitivity. He is a gentleman and a great sport.

The handsome Uti is the most likely to go. Women think he is a dreamboat thanks to his West African dark looks. Typically, like most of his countrymen, he oozes lots of confidence and arrogance. And it's this arrogance that will see him out on his ear.

South African Thami is still the flavour of the moment. He has been getting close to Malawi's Hazel. Lucille may as well forget about him.

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