Council boss gives herself huge rises

Frank Maponya

Frank Maponya

A senior official has been "milking" the Aganang municipality dry through "unauthorised" salary adjustments.

The council's corporate services manager, Mpho Moreroa, had in one instance allegedly paid herself more than R60000 a month.

This is in spite of Aganang municipality having been declared one of the poorest municipalities in Limpopo. Moreroa allegedly adjusted her salary without the council's approval.

The salary variations happened between July 2006 and June last year. She was the acting municipal manager at the time.

Moreroa's salary fluctuated monthly between the time she was appointed acting manager and when a suitable candidate was appointed.

In July 2006, Moreroa earned R27998, but a month later she earned R38464,08.

She received R54598,63 for the month of November and R44957,88 a month later.

In March 2007, Moreroa received a whooping R63451,20.

"These fluctuations point to a serious irregularity in the manner in which Moreroa conducted herself on the adjustments," Democratic Alliance provincial leader Michael Holford said yesterday.

Holford challenged the "powers-that-be" to deal with the issue before the municipality crumbled as a result of financial mismanagement.

As corporate services manager, Moreroa's yearly salary was R440000, which translates to R36666,67 a month.

However, municipality spokesman Noko Lebea yesterday refuted the allegations, saying the fluctuations were known to the municipality. She said the fluctuations were as a result of Moreroa's acting allowances, which were structured with the knowledge of the council.

"It is hogwash to say the council did not know about Moreroa's salary structure. The council did its best to assist her under the circumstances," said Lebea.