Mangena is not selling out BCM tenets

Pule Monama's letter, "Mangena seems to be selling out", on August 29 refers.

We cannot allow our judicial system to be controlled by individuals who want to protect their criminal activities. When people have to be prosecuted or charged, they get death threats and there are allegations by judges that they are told to take a particular stand and not to prosecute certain individuals.

It's very strange that Monama, who is not an Azapo member, doubts the positions of the party's leaders and its members.

There are serious problems in our country and we can't ignore them. We have the right to protect our country. It doesn't belong to the ANC, but to all its indigenous people.

Mangena did not say the judiciary is correct or perfect. He said it is the way through which issues must be addressed. Azapo wanted the judicial system to be completely changed.

We have always supported Zanu-PF and some of us spent years in Zimbabwe. Politics around that issue are correct. The tactics are wrong.

Azapo, as the BCM's flag bearer, agrees and supports its leaders on both the issues raised by Monama. Mangena is our president and he articulates our position.

Azapo will continue to free our people from mental oppression.

Vuyisile Wauchope, Azapo

deputy secretary for youth,