tombstone terror haunts SA

Zinhle Mapumulo

Zinhle Mapumulo

Cemeteries should be a resting place for the dead, but South Park cemetery in Ekurhuleni is not.

The dead are disturbed almost every week by hooligans who vandalise and steal tombstones. The big problem is that the Ekurhuleni council is distancing itself saying that it is not their fault and there is not much they can do to better the situation.

Spokesman Zweli Dlamini said: "Stealing and vandalising of tombstones is a vast problem in this country. It is not only happening in South Park cemetery."

Sefako Matlala got the shock of his life when he visited his brother Selepe's grave.

"I was met with an empty space. There was no tombstone. The only evidence showing there had been something erected there was dry cement. I still can not understand what kind of people would do this to the dead.

"Dead people are suppose to be respected. The reason we bury people in graveyards and not in our homes is to make sure that they are resting in peace. But when I something like this happen I doubt that they rest in peace."