Great read to help you conquer your demons

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, some are born, live and then die while others are born, do something about their surroundings and circumstances, grab all the available chances and then leave almost peerless legacies.

Robin Wheeler - author, motivational speaker and writer, life and business coach and drummer for the Black Hotels rock band - seizes moments and turns them into monuments.

His life story is a barrowful of almost eccentric, personal accounts and resultant, gainful feats are akin to the legends linked to daring entrepreneurs Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Robin Sharma.

Granted, these three are probably much richer than Wheeler in dollars, pounds or euros, but then he is wealthier than many of us. That is we who fear to step off the beaten track and experience the sheer joy and bottomless fulfilment of doing what we truly love and not what merely keeps us alive, buys us food and shelter.

Wheeler has packaged Insights in a refreshingly unconventional fashion and closes each chapter with an affirmation. He has fun sharing his motivational and inspirational ideas and uses his personal accounts as elements of the personal success formula, spanning 55 chapters.

In a relaxed style, he inspires the reader to learn to put "yourself first", ditch competing and start collaborating, admit that anyone can be a writer, welcome the fact that creativity has no routine, honour yourself, have fun and to be yourself. Insights is almost therapeutic for someone going through a rough time - emotionally, financially, spiritually - or who lacks inspiration or motivation to make a life-changing switch or desires courage to face and conquer demons.