Mpofu has to wait for appeal ruling

Suspended SABC chief executive Dali Mpofu will have to wait for a week or two to hear whether he will be given leave to appeal a ruling enforcing his suspension.

Mpofu's application is before the Johannesburg high court.

Judge Antonie Gildenhys ruled in July that Mpofu's suspension by the SABC board should stand.

Mpofu's attorney, Vincent Maleka, said: "There is a reasonable possibility that another court, having the same facts, will come to a different conclusion on this matter."

Mpofu was first suspended in May after he had suspended SABC head of news Snuki Zikalala for allegedly leaking confidential documents to a third party. Zikalala has since been reinstated.

Mpofu is also seeking to challenge the SABC board's authority to suspend him in the first place. This second matter was not heard but postponed and will only be heard later this month.

The judge asked the parties to deal with the ruling first, after which they can deal with the SABC matter relating to Mpofu's suspension. - Getrude Makhafola